Putri Malu Waterfall; An Exotic Waterfall in Way Kanan

If you are a traveler who really loves a waterfall and occasionally you are in Lampung now, it is highly suggested to visit Putri Malu waterfall. This exotic and beautiful waterfall is located in Way Kanan regency, one of regencies in Lampung province. This waterfall is very famous among Lampungnese travelers and this waterfall has been documented over and over by many bloggers and travelers via social media. This tourism spot is specifically located at Juku Batu village, Banjit district, Way Kanan regency, Lampung province. I can say that Way Kanan regency is far from Bandar Lampung, so, if you really want to visit and enjoy this waterfall, you need to have a long trip and to have a lodging there. But it is better to have a round-trip plan from Bandar Lampung to Way Kanan although you need to ride at early morning. 

Putri Malu waterfall is 46 km away from the regency capital, Blambangan Umpu, but it is easy to be accessed because this waterfall is near to Trans Sumatra main road. The condition of street to the waterfall indeed still needs many improvements since it still uses a non-permanent path which is made from pebbles and small rocks. But today, because the local government sees the tourism potential in Putri Malu waterfall, the improvements have been initiated for the sake of better tourism prospect in Way Kanan regency, Lampung.

When you have arrived at this waterfall, the fresh air from a clean and natural environment will welcome you. Putri Malu waterfall is situated on 100 m above sea level, and therefore it makes the air there becomes so cold. But that cold water won’t make you stop to get bath! I am sure you will get into the waterfall to enjoy its powerful splash. You also can take pictures with your friends here.
If you have finished with Putri Malu waterfall’s cold water, now it’s time for you to relax yourself before you go home. Not really far from Purti Malu waterfall, you can find a hot spring. At there, you can take a bath and restore your body’s temperature. Sounds enjoyable? Come on, visit Putri Malu waterfall now!